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What is Quadrabloc?

Quadrabloc is a wearable neuromagnetic device for the management of muscular aches and pains associated with activity, aging, or following surgery. 

Quadrabloc can be worn as a disc placed directly on the site of pain or as a garment.  Quadrabloc discs help manage localized pain in a specific area of the body such as the elbow, head, or wrist.  The garments are appropriate to address pain in larger regions on the body such as the lower back, shoulder and knee. 

Quadrabloc is safe, non-addictive, reusable, and does not require charging.  And, Quadrabloc comes with a 30-day, 100% purchase price money back guarantee.

How Does It Work?

Quadrabloc works to relieve pain using patented, quadrapolar magnetic discs to block the pain signals that originate in the sensory nerve fibers. These fibers, located throughout the body, are responsible for sending pain signals to the brain. 

By placing Quadrabloc directly over the site of pain, Quadrabloc interrupts the pain signals and relieves pain. Pain relief can be achieved in a matter of minutes with proper placement of a Quadrabloc disc or garment.

Quadrabloc was originally developed in the Department of Neurology at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. 

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"Quadrabloc makes me forget I have pain within minutes of placing it on my lower back.  Quadrabloc is a life saver. Anyone with lower back pain should have it."  David E. (50 years old, Recreational Skier)

Who It Helps

Are you limited by the constraints of chronic pain?  Does chronic pain affect you both physically and emotionally?  If so, you are not alone.  More than 115 million Americans suffer with chronic pain. Explore how Quadrabloc can help you tame chronic pain.
Does a “great weekend” for you include activity? If so, you are part of a great number of “weekend warriors” who believe the active life is a quality life.  Do you find that pain is limiting your ability to enjoy an active weekend?  Learn how Quadrabloc can support your active lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of pain can Quadrabloc products relieve?

Quadrabloc products may be used to relieve any common pain discomfort associated with aging and activities of daily living. Many people use them on the back, hip, knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, head and wrist. Quadrabloc is not intended to treat diseases and underlying medical conditions.

How quickly does Quadrabloc work?

Laboratory tests demonstrate that Quadrabloc works in as little as four minutes. However, for some people it may take longer. If you do not begin to feel relief in 5–10 minutes, you should move the Quadrabloc product slightly to better target the site of pain.

Are the products guaranteed?

Quadrabloc products are covered by the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. In addition, Quadrabloc products are warranted against defects.

What is the life expectancy of Quadrabloc products?

With proper care, the discs will last a lifetime. The life expectancy of other Quadrabloc products depends on how frequently the product is worn and washed. They can last many years.

Does Quadrabloc stop all sensation?

No. Quadrabloc magnets work on a specific nerve pathway and will not interrupt all sensation. Your skin will not feel numb and if you bump yourself while wearing Quadrabloc products, you will feel it.

Are there any side effects?

Other than occasional, minor skin irritation, no side effects have been reported with the proper use of Quadrabloc. It is important to understand that Quadrabloc products use magnetic technology. They must not be used near sensitive medical equipment or implants such as pacemakers, implanted defibrillators, aneurysm clips, infusion pumps, or implanted neurostimulator devices.
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Anesthesiologist Gives Her Review on the Use of Quadrabloc

"I was introduced to Quadrabloc by Brad Worthington, MD. We were discussing anesthesia techniques to manage post surgical pain in spine surgery patients. Our discussion covered non-pharmaceutical approaches to pain management, including the use of magnets. I am a board certified anesthesiologist and have additional training in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. I remain open to alternative modalities that have a scientific basis for efficacy. Many of the modalities I try myself before offering these options to my patients. I find Quadrabloc therapy to be a useful adjunct in the treatment...

How is Quadrabloc Different from Other Magnetic Treatments?

We spend a great deal of time in our conversations with healthcare professionals and patients differentiating Quadrabloc from other forms of treatment for pain and discomfort.  Recently, our audience has begun to ask us how Quadrabloc differs from other marketed magnets.  Some of the questions include- "Are all magnets the same?" "What makes Quadrabloc unique?" "How does Quadrabloc work differently than other magnets for pain relief?" These are fair questions and they point us to advantages unique to Quadrabloc.  But, first things first, it is important to understand that Quadrabloc is...

Once a Skeptic, Martye Now Calls Her Quadrabloc a “Miracle Belt”

Pain can sometimes greet you as an unexpected, unpleasant surprise.  This was the case with me.  One Sunday afternoon, I had the pleasure of co-hosting a reunion of 45 friends.  We had known each other for over 30 years and I was very much looking forward to catching up with old friends. And, catch up we did!  It was a great day.  Still, I recall standing (without sitting), in heels, on a ceramic tile floor for 5 hours greeting, hugging, catching up and reminiscing about the “old days”.  Ladies, perhaps you have been there?  On this day, the excitement had carried me through the day, but unfortunately...

TMJ Sufferer Finds Pain Relief with Quadrabloc

Tracy H., Female, Jackson TN. "I have had problems with temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) in my jaw for several years. The most recent episode lasted for a little over 4 months.  My journey to relief for TMJ has been a struggle.  I have seen a dentist and an oral surgeon for treatment.  After a series of x-rays by the dentist and being equipped by a night guard for use during sleep by the oral surgeon, I was still without relief and looking at more money out of pocket $$$$$$.  Thankfully, my personal quest for relief led me to Quadrabloc!  It was so easy to use and, thankfully, I begin...

Nurse Finds Life Changing Back Pain Relief With Quadrabloc

One of the best things about what we do, is hearing from our customers who have found such great results when nothing else helped! We just got this wonderful note from a Nurse, who like many, has severe, work related, pain. Read what she had to say about her Quadrabloc...  "My name is Heather and I am a fulltime Registered Nurse. I have worked for 16 years in a variety of different settings in the field of Nursing. Most notably Neurology and Neurological ICU. In these areas of advanced patient care I damaged my back. After lifting, pushing, pulling and tugging those in need of help, my lower...


The easy-to-use neuromagnetic device that provides a safe and effective path to pain relief!

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